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About Von Hot Rod.

Von Hot Rod is Hot Rodding's pre-emminant pinstriper and Personality. Keep your eyes peeled for him at a Hot Rod Show near you.

For the last 19 years Von Hot Rod has put on many Hotrod and Kustom shows. One in particular is the “Von Hot Rod’s Pinstriper Reunion”. Held in Pomona, Calif. The Stater Bro. Route 66 , Von puts on “Von Hot Rod’s Shindig” a 50’s style Hotrod & Kustom Rock-a-Billy show. On ESPN-2, Hot Rod TV airs His Pinstriping show. He has been feathered in numerous magazines, As well as books. At the Annual Stater Bros. Route 66 Rendezvous Von was the Honored guess, He was the inductee for the 2007 Cruisin’ Hall of Fame representing Pinstriping. In 2008 Von organized the Silent auction for SEMA, In Las Vegas, Von Has now started “Von Hot Rod’s Pinstriping Circus”. A traveling Pinstriping show that attends Hotrod and bike shows around the country and helps raise money for charities. The TV show “Car Warriors” on SPEED used his Pinstriped shift knob, 6 of the winning cars have all had his shift knob. And what is the latest out of Von. at SEMA this year, Von has a new line of goodies making a appearance in the new product section. Stamped Steel small block Chevy Pinstriped Valve covers. A line of VHR Jewelry. And from MAC Tools 4 limited collectable Die cast Hotrod cars designed by Von.


Take a look at what Von Hot Rod Does!

I started pinstriping about 18 years ago. I am considered in the top of international professionals of pinstriping’’. They call me “Master of the Fine line’’.

The Von Hot Rod Culture

“Watching Gearz with my grandson, Boston, 6 years old, and you shared your testimony. Your words captivated his attention. We had recorded the show and Boston told me to stop it. He got up, turned around and said to me, ``Big Pa-Pa, I'm a Christian and I can paint. Can I do what he does``? I told him sure he could. He tears off down the hallway and returns with his pencils, markers, water colors and a big drawing pad. Spreads it out on the table and ask me to rewind the show. I pause, rewind, pause, rewind, etc., as he watches and begins to mimic your hands and movements. The 30 minute show took us the better part of the afternoon to watch. We saved the show and Boston watches it again and again. Thank you sir for your example.”

John ``Big Pa-Pa``

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